Online Store Subscriptions with Squarespace


We were recently contacted by Red Rock Roasters, a local coffee shop in Albuquerque, that was looking to add a subscription service to their Squarespace store. Although Squarespace does have a subscription service, the integration was not what they were looking for and wanted to have more customization and to have both the option to purchase single orders or save 5% and subscribe. Having never attempted this before, we began to do our research.

It turns out that while Squarespace does indeed have a subscription service, it is limited in functionality and customization. We found a host of 3rd party apps that could be integrated into Squarespace but unless you paid $50+ you would be limited to their basic customization. We decided to use to Squarespace's own subscription service but to add numerous variables for each product including Size, Grind, Quantity to match what they were looking for.. While this was a bit time consuming, it allowed for visitors to easily guide between single purchase and subscription pages for each product.

Take a look at the new subscription service we added to Red Rock Roasters and please let us know how we can customize your Squarespace website!