Local Art in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Go Artist Go has helped artists, musicians and small businesses throughout the United States and abroad with various projects related to marketing and promotion, art display, photography, e-commerce, website development, SEO, advertising, social media and business consultation.  With our experience working in art galleries and promoting artists of all backgrounds we felt determined to find and share local organizations that support local artists.

With the help of Google Maps and Facebook, we were able to ask our communities to help us find the businesses in Albuquerque that support local artists by allowing them to feature their work. Please contact each organization for more info and submission guidelines.

Online Store Subscriptions with Squarespace


We were recently contacted by Red Rock Roasters, a local coffee shop in Albuquerque, that was looking to add a subscription service to their Squarespace store. Although Squarespace does have a subscription service, the integration was not what they were looking for and wanted to have more customization and to have both the option to purchase single orders or save 5% and subscribe. Having never attempted this before, we began to do our research.

It turns out that while Squarespace does indeed have a subscription service, it is limited in functionality and customization. We found a host of 3rd party apps that could be integrated into Squarespace but unless you paid $50+ you would be limited to their basic customization. We decided to use to Squarespace's own subscription service but to add numerous variables for each product including Size, Grind, Quantity to match what they were looking for.. While this was a bit time consuming, it allowed for visitors to easily guide between single purchase and subscription pages for each product.

Take a look at the new subscription service we added to Red Rock Roasters and please let us know how we can customize your Squarespace website!



NM Arts, Culture & Creativity Network


We’ve been honored to be chosen to create and administer the NM Arts, Culture & Creativity Network, a state-wide network to share information, foster collaboration, build community and facilitate innovation within our many creative communities. We are unifying, connecting and supporting New Mexico’s artists and creatives as well as the global creative community in order to sustain our artistic and cultural heritage.

As a collection and distribution channel of cultural data generated by regional, national and international arts institutions, creative businesses and funders, we hope to create an active network of creative professionals sharing opportunities and information while driving our creative economy.




Raku Pottery Online Store with Steven Forbes-deSoule


Over the years, we have constantly been blown away by the quality, colors and formations of the many raku pottery vessels, sculpture and wall pieces done by Steven Forbes-deSoule.

We began by providing Steven with a new online store using Squarespace that highlights the beauty of his work. We added a raku firing page, an engaging home page and a blog to post his press and news. We also providing him with integrated SEO elements including keywords, optimized images and captivating copy. With our efforts Steven’s website has remained in the top 3 pages for “raku pottery” on Google since we began.

Shimmering Sea Flaired Vase

Shimmering Sea Flaired Vase

We have also worked hard to gain an engaged audience on Facebook and have helped him gain over 1,000 likes.

We continue to provide marketing support and consultation including SEO, website and social media management, blog development, press releases, newsletters and more. We enjoy sharing his beautiful ceramics with the world!

See more at www.stevenforbesdesoule.com.


Sparking Creativity with Stephen St. Claire

Stephen St. Claire’s Home Page

Stephen St. Claire’s Home Page


It has been such a pleasure working with Stephen St. Claire in developing a new Squarespace website to showcase his art. When we met Steve, his website was in need of retiring, his images failed to showcase the true magnificence of his work, the layout and design were outdated and we were excited to help. Go Artist Go moved St. Claire Art to a sleeker design, adding a new artist statement, a new blog and more captivating images and descriptions.

“My oil painting technique is called Dialuminism (”light passing through”) and embeds metal leaf and oil paint within layers of solar resistant resin (for a thick, high gloss finish) or archival satin varnish (for a soft, satin finish). The light plays off some areas and casts shadows beneath others, creating a dimensional painting that changes in appearance depending upon where the viewer is standing in relation to the light source.”

Stephen’s incredible technique and incredible images really makes his work stand out. Adding new pages, keywords, a blog and increasing his social media engagement has really helped propel Stephen into a new creative front in the art of marketing. All this coincided with his new studio gallery in the River Arts District in Asheville, NC and has opened up new opportunities for him and his work. We are continually providing support and consultation for his marketing objectives including SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media management, blog development, community outreach, press releases, market research, analytics and newsletters.

Landscape Art Website Page

Landscape Art Website Page

“Jonathan has been awesome to work with. Basically, he does all the marketing tasks that I honestly just don’t have time for. He’s creative, energetic, and has some great connections. I will be using his services regularly. I would rather use him to pin-point market actual potential clients (collectors, designers, contractors, builders, etc.) and know these people are now aware of my work, than pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars for a magazine ad I never know if people actually pay attention to.”

— Stephen St. Claire