Since 2012, Go Artist Go has been helping artists, musicians and small businesses with their digital marketing needs.  From website development and maintenance to community outreach and art submissions, we have enjoyed building brands and supporting our clients in unique ways.  Please click on our projects below or scroll down to see what we've done with our clients and what they had to say. 

Stephen St. Claire - Oil Paintings

Go Artist Go has helped Stephen St. Claire and St. Claire Art in designing a comprehensive new website to showcase his incredible paintings and is continually providing support and consultation for his marketing objectives including SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media, blog development, community outreach, press releases, market research, analytics and newsletters. 

Jonathan has been awesome to work with. Basically, he does all the marketing tasks that I honestly just don’t have time for. He’s creative, energetic, and has some great connections. I will be using his services regularly. I would rather use him to pin-point market actual potential clients (collectors, designers, contractors, builders, etc.) and know these people are now aware of my work, than pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars for a magazine ad I never know if people actually pay attention to.
— Stephen St. Claire

Artful Life | TIASO - Non Profit

Artful Life transforms communities through the co-creation of art.  Professional artists and residents of underserved communities work together over months and years to envision and co-create significant works of art. TIASO connects artists to the people, resources, and services they need to create experiences and works that are unforgettable.

Go Artist Go is developed a website for Artful Life that showcases their art-based community projects in and around Albuquerque, NM and highlights the importance and power of community development while expanding the organization's visibility, funding, branding, design, and usability.  Go Artist Go looks forward to our continued work together and becoming a valuable resource for TIASO members and Albuquerque's growing creative community.  

Go Artist Go created a new website for us—Artful Life—this year. It’s beautiful, animated, functional and getting us a lot of new attention. It’s been a pleasure working with Jonathan who responded effectively and quickly to our needs and requests. He led with his creativity and expertise but also incorporated our suggestions to create something terrific.
— Valerie Martinez, Founding Director - Artful Life

Adobe Destinations - Vacation Rentals

Adobe Destinations is an established vacation rental and property management organization in Santa Fe, NM.  They offer a comprehensive inventory of Santa Fe accommodations with views of the mountains, stunning sunsets, and properties in close proximity to the Historic Downtown Plaza.  

Go Artist Go has been working with Adobe Destinations in developing a marketing strategy that highlights their beautiful properties using LiveRez's popular vacation rental software.   We are working on developing a structured Google Adwords campaign, a focused social media strategy, streamlined branding and a upgraded website with rich content and increased usability.  We have already seen increased visibility and engagement and with a website upgrade and 3rd party listings on the horizon, we are confident we can reach and exceed our marketing and sales goals.

Marilyn Proctor
I have been working with Jon with my business, Proctor Property Management and he is helping me with SEO, upgrades and content for our website as well as guiding me with creative marketing ideas and suggestions. We find him to be responsive, prompt and professional. I would recommend him without hesitation.
— Marilyn Proctor, Adobe Destinations

Steven Forbes-deSoule - Raku Pottery

Go Artist Go designed a new e-commerce website for Steven Forbes-deSoule and is consistently providing marketing support and consultation including SEO (Search Engine Optimization), website and social media management, blog development, press releases, newsletters and more. 

Recently, I’ve been working with Jonathan Carlson, who recently moved to Asheville. It’s been a pleasure for me to work with him so far and that’s why I’m highly recommending him to all of you.
— Steven Forbes-deSoule

Leah Baker - Custom Lighting

Go Artist Go created a new website for Leah Baker and her business Luminosa Lighting and continues to help with numerous services including marketing consulting, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media & blog development, analytics, content management, community outreach, press releases, newsletters and more. 

Go Artist Go is the perfect name for Jonathan’s business. I feel like there is someone on my team, an alliance with a proficient professional that really helps push the business out into the limelight! He does all the web stuff I have no time to do, don’t know how to do and adds his artistic flare to social media post that keeps it interesting and fresh. I look forward to a continuation of growing Luminosa Lighting with Jonathan’s help.
— Leah Baker, Luminosa Lighting

Artisans on Main - Art Gallery

Go Artist Go has been delighted to work with Artisans on Main from Weaverville, NC in developing a social media strategy that is focused on bringing people to their social media pages and ultimately into their gallery doors.  Go Artist Go has helped highlight the many incredible artists featured in the gallery and the many events that they are a part of. Artisans on Main continues to gain recognition with art lovers and visitors alike and has been very competitive in an area saturated with arts and crafts.  

Artisans on Main | Weaverville, NC
Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 2.23.54 PM.png

Cathy Kiffney - Handmade Ceramics

Go Artist Go helped enhance Cathy Kiffney's website and SEO as well as build a more descriptive and functional Etsy store.  With her very creative ceramics, Cathy was looking to find a better way to display her work and client reviews.  Go Artist Go helped to increase her exposure with enhanced product descriptions, keyword integration, page titles, image tags, and a more streamlined user experience with larger images and longer descriptions. 

It was a pleasure to work with Jonathan. He tackled a quite a few projects for me including streamlining my website, adding new features, cleaning up my Etsy shop, search engine optimization and other many other details that will help me with my online presence. I look forward to working with him more in the future!
— Cathy Kiffney, Ceramics

Julie Robinson- Mixed Media

Julie Robinson Abstract Transcendentals

Go Artist Go helped Julie Robinson enhance her website, adding engaging copy, fuller gallery images and SEO tactics.  We helped Julie in the development of an artist coffee table book using Blurb that would be sold in her galleries along with her artwork and given away at openings.  We also helped streamline her processes, manage her contacts and build effective newsletters.  The unique and beautiful work that Julie creates combined with focused marketing and branding from Go Artist Go helped increase engagement and expand her brand awareness.

Steve Noggle- Turned Wood

Go Artist Go designed a new website to display the amazing work of Steve Noggle and continues to help him with photography, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), marketing consultation and social media management.

I met with Jonathan from Go Artist Go a few weeks ago and provided him with images and text material for website development. In less than one month Jonathan has created a new website for me. The straightforward layout, crisp images and attention to detail exceeded my expectations. And now I’m on the first page of a Google search as well.  Thanks Jonathan!
— Steve Noggle

Bonnie Rabert - Watercolors

Go Artist Go helped design a great new website for Bonnie Rabert and her wonderful watercolors and is providing continuous support and consultation with numerous marketing services including SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media & blog development, public relations, market research and more. 

As a novice to marketing my art, website design, blogs and all the new terminology, I appreciated Jonathan’s patience and quick reply to my questions. I am very pleased with my website, the ease of using it, his continued help in making additions and in linking to my artist Facebook page and other outlets for my art.
— Bonnie Rabert

Jason Rafferty  - Oil Paintings

Jason and Go Artist Go have been actively developing and implementing new approaches to marketing art to local Asheville businesses. Within such a strong artistic community, many local organizations have shown interest in displaying Jason's work, which is currently featured at Windsor Botique HotelDésirantThe Shop at GreenhillBiltmore Coffee Traders and at the Cotton Mill Studios.

Go Artist Go has also helped Jason in connecting with local designers in the area.  


Art Connections - Art Studio Tours

Go Artist Go has worked with Art Connections to help with various marketing initiatives, including social media strategy and advertising and is continually helping with monthly newsletters and social media management.   

As an entrepreneur I am the one trying to keep up with every aspect of my growing business.  I needed assistance with outreach that is time consuming and slow for me to do myself.  Jonathan helps me with a monthly e-newsletter and other social media postings on an ongoing basis.  I can’t thank him enough for help in this constantly changing arena of technology!
— Sherry Masters, Art Connections

Felix + Fido  - Pet Sitting

Go Artist Go has developed a new logo and website for Felix + Fido and is continuously offering marketing consultation and services including SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media and market research. 

Working with Jonathan to build my new website was the best decision I could have made. Not only is he so easy to work with, he is so creative! I simply told him a little of what I was looking for and he created the best logo for my business. He responds to all requests so quickly and is always available to answer any questions I may have. I would highly recommend him and Go Artist Go for any and all of your marketing needs!!
— Cissy Stasio, Felix + Fido

Matt CT - DJ

Go Artist Go has worked with DJ C-Darth in developing a comprehensive digital distribution strategy.  With extensive market research, Go Artist Go continues to help with content management, email marketing and social media to promote his latest music.  

Jonathan is great because he provides earnest feedback and input to the artist that is very personal and not contrived, as well as provides advice and assistance in all aspects of your web presence. For a personal and valuable experience I’d recommend GoArtistGo to help you with promoting and finding your niche for your music!
— Matt CT, DJ C-Darth

Jimmy Haddox - Musician

Go Artist Go has worked with Jimmy Haddox and his band Jimmy and the Mustangs in developing a digital distribution and social media strategy to promote his band's latest album, Another Round. 

Jonathan really helped my band get the ball rolling with promotion and press.  With his help and guidance we’ve been able to continue on and we’re now getting Press and AirPlay around the world! Thank you Jonathan!
— Jimmy Haddox, Jimmy & The Mustangs

John Baumann - Musician

John Baumann

Go Artist Go worked with John Baumann in building a strong marketing strategy that utilized music blogs and social media to get his music heard by as many people as possible. Promoting his new album, West Texas Vernacular, his music was submitted to hundreds of different music blogs, radio stations, review sites and influencers that lead to greater exposureairplaywrite-ups and interviews

I was most impressed by his attention to detail, affordability and integrity. He does an exceptional job of communicating with his client and works to ensure satisfaction. I plan to work with him again when my next record comes out. If you are looking for some helpful social promotion of your music, use this guy!
— John Baumann

Masembeni - International Internships

Masembeni ( offers once in a lifetime experiences and opportunities for students to live and work in Cape Town, South Africa.  Go Artist Go helped Masambeni with editing and providing copy for their website, professional documents and other supplemental marketing material. 

Journeys International - Tour Operator

Go Artist Go helped design a new travel-based website for Journeys International, Inc and continues to help with developing and selling group tours including all marketing and promotion, photography, website management, SEO, market research, social media management and newsletters.  

electra day - Musician

Go Artist Go has worked with Electra Day in designing a website and a helping with marketing consultation and digital distribution for her latest album, Quiet Hours. 


Shawn Nelson - Musician

Go Artist Go's extensive research and artist marketing helped Shawn Nelson and The Good Buds reach countless bloggers, influencers, radio djs and new listeners from all over the world.  Go Artist Go's extensive social media and email campaign resulted in various exposure including interviewswrite-ups and airplay for his Enough EP.

Jonathan was very easy to work with and delivered on his plan. He committed himself to the project and was focused on getting results
— Shawn Nelson